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To: Swift
  • Presented in association with Bare Bawds
    Written & performed by Jeffrey Mayhew
  • Directed by Guy Masterson
  • World Premiere: Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh 2005
  • Guy Masterson directed Jeffrey Mayhew's powerful and moving portrayal of Jonathan Swift in his final moments.
  • Johnathan Swift, Churchman, political activist, seditionistand flawed but prescient author of Gulliver's Travels, battles his ultimate demons in the poignant and powerful tale of 18th Century strife. It is an exploration of enchroaching darkness illuminated by sparkling wit and brilliance. Swift proves still a champion of justice and humanity.

  • Jeffrey Mayhew demonstrates great acting skill and sympathetically portrays a tremendous historical and literary figure... Mayhew captures the edginess of the man at this time. (British Theatre Guide)

    Jeffrey Mayhew gives an engrossing portrayal of a complex man whose constant raging sprang from a hypersensitive awareness of man's inhumanity to man. (Daily Mail)

    Jeffrey Mayhew's one-man show is a delight. His Swift is perhaps less abrasive than the real man was, but if you're looking for a Fringe show performed by a highcalibre character actor, this may be just right for you. (The Herald)

    It is a beautifully-constructed show with familiar episodes from Gulliver's Travels counterbalanced against rarer writings and insights into a fascinating and troubled life. It also mirrors Swift's own veering between high intellectual pursuits, sardonic worldly realism and the simply lavatorial...We are watching an inspired and disciplined theatrical craftsman at work. (Worthing Herald)