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  • Presented in association with Barb Jungr

Time Out's "Queen of Cabaret" enthralled with a dazzling blend of chanson, jazz, blues, speech and improvisation. "You will eat from the palm of her hand."

Witty, glamorous, and with a heaven touched voice, Barb Jungr needs little introduction. Time Out's "Queen of Musical Cabaret" sings some of the world's most powerful contemporary songs with passion, charm and wit.

From her early days on London's alternative cabaret circuit, touring with Julian Clary, in the West End and on Channel 4, and having becoming the first woman to win the Perrier Award (with Arnold Brown) at the Edinburgh Festival in 1987, Barb has since carved out a reputation as Britain's leading chansonnier. Although perhaps best known for her work in the award-winning duo Jungr and Parker or with names such as Julian Clary and Alexei Sayle, her international cabaret reputation continues to grow.

Intimate is an amalgam of Barb's beautiful Chanson the Space In Between and her famed Cabaret. It can play in any format from straight cabaret to formal theatre settings.

"Divine Diva" Barb enthrals in this unique evening, synthesising chanson, jazz, blues, storytelling, musical theatre and improvisations from Dylan to Gershwin, Costello to Cole Porter; her arrangements and interpretations reveal astonishing musicality and her voice dazzles.

"Jungr wrings every drop of emotion from each song, her slightly husky voice lending itself beautifully to this music... The recording is excellent, Jungr's voice is perfectly captured with real presence... I say, light a Gauloise, sip a Ricard and go for it!" (Hi-Fi+ Magazine)

"The transmission of sincerity through music is one of the most intangible and difficult challenges a singer can undertake. Jungr, it must be said, rises to the occasion magnificently. Her voice shifts gear from song to song and within each song to bringt these diverse pieces to life, but the sincerity behind the voice is palpable and constant. Jungr's album is a wonderful thing. Its greatest achivement is to take a collection of love songs "all performed with with an expressive and emotive passion ... She is quite unlike any other singer I can recall... Vocally she is unique." (Michael Darwell, What's On in London 31/01/01)

"Jacques Brel may be dead, but the chanson is alive and well and living in Edinburgh at the moment.. Don't worry if your French is a little rusty, Jungr has gathered a set of sympathetic new translations from a team including songwriter Des De Moor.. She throws in an occasional Elvis Costello song, too - Jungr is at home with all traditions Move over Ute Lemper" (Clive Davis, The Times 26/08/00)

"Jungr's Chanson repertoire is extensive and quite magical. Songs full of emotion and bittersweet knowledge, sung in a rich and evocative voice, and presented with the intimacy of a born storyteller" (Alison Freebairn, The Stage 24/08/00)

"Throaty, smoky vocals with wonderful piano, accordion and double bass accompaniment... she does things with her voice that make you gasp. This show is a cracker." (Morag Fleming, Metro 15/08/00)

"Jungr gives a powerfully soul-searching, heart-laid-bare performance in this intimate after-hours setting. ... Reviving music for wearying Fringe trawlers." (The Herald, 09/08/00)

"A powerfully soul-searching, heart-laid-bare performance in this intimate after-hours session, to splendidly resourceful piano accompaniment" (Rob Adams, The Herald 09/08/00)

"a brilliant all-round performer" (Time Out 03/03/00)

"Real, naked and sometimes dangerous passions" (The Scotsman 13/08/99)

"Like fine brandy her voice just gets better and better" (Julian Clary)

"Barb Jungr can, it seems, do everything; sing Gershwin and Weill, impersonate abusive men and hard-done-by adulteresses, and tell stories about owls. ... It is the humanity of this show, and the virtuosic range of Jungr's performance, which make it something special" (The Scotsman, 11/08/98)