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GUY MASTERSON - Solo Show Development & Direction

Guy Masterson 2015 (Image credit: Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni))Guy Masterson is an Olivier Award winning producer, actor, director and writer. An entertainer for nearly 35 years, he has worked on over 150 live shows. He is one of the most highly awarded independent theatre presenters at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over 26 consecutive season since 1994.

As a director, he is responsible for several of Edinburgh's biggest ever hits. As an actor, he is globally renowned for his solo performances. He is also a succesful director of corporate events, a playwright, dramaturg and an acting/voice/corporate coach. (see Biography for further details)

A professional actor for 35 years and having worked on over 60 solo shows as writer, performer, director or producer, Masterson is an expert in monologue developent & coaching - from drama school auditions to development of monologues or solo shows for performance.

Please also see Guy Masterson Dramaturgyfor details on script editing/fixing.

SOLO THEATRE - (development to delivery)

Guy Masterson offers coaching & direction for actors wishing to develop solo performances from inception to delivery.

I have 27 years experience working on solo shows. As of 2018, I have performed in 11, directed 29 and worked on over 60. My solo production of 'Morcambe' won the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment in 2010 and received a further nomination for the actor. PSeveral performers that I have directed in solo shows have either won or been nominated for The Stage Best Actor or Best Solo Perfomance Award at the Edinburgh Festival. I too have won the award once and received a further 3 nominations for my own solo work and many solo productions I have directed have toured domestically and globally for many years.

I can take your idea and develop it from inception to realisation OR merely help you hone it to a tight performance script.

I can help you or another actor develop a performance that will deliver your script to the audience in the most effective way.

I may even be able to help you produce it... and I might even be able to help you tour it.

1) From Page to Stage Theory *
The theory behind development of an effective solo-script, character/s, movement and direction. All that is required to deliver a perfect performance - Usually 1-2 sessions.

2) Solo Show Development ** (see also Dramaturgy for rates)
Development & dramaturgy of a bespoke solo work from conception to final script. Guy Masterson will help you develop your idea and advise you on how to produce your own work. If you have always dreamed of going solo, this is perfect for you! Please note, this does not include Masterson directing the show itself. (see 3 below)

3) Guy Masterson Direction ***
If the project is appropriate, Masterson will direct your work from final script to premiere over a period of 15 x 4 hour rehearsals, 2 technical rehearsals and 2 performances. You will need to produce this show yourself or secure a producer. This is provided on a pre-agreed fee basis and the resultant show would subject to director royalties in perpetuity. Additional production development advice is a separate part of the package. (see 2 above)

VENUE: Guy Masterson will work with you at a venue of your choice OR you may travel to him.

TERMS: Please email Guy Masterson for rates or call 07979 757490

  • Initial free consultation takes place at Guy Masterson's office.
  • Consultations are billable by the session.
  • If the idea is taken up, a programme suitable for your needs will be agreed.
  • Director fees are billed on a project based fee on an agreed number of sessions and carry a royalty burden in perpetuity unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  • Once contracted, cancellations are fully billable or may be rearranged at 1.5 x the contracted rate.