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To: Terry Neeson's Slaps 'n' Tickles
  • Performed by Terry Neason
  • Accompanied by Brian Prentice
  • Premiered Edinburgh 2001 at the Traverse Theatre
  • Winner: Herald Angel Award 2000

Terry Neason is a Scottish singer / actress / comedienne with a voice like velvet drenched in a peaty single malt.

She can take you on a journey which touches every emotion, an ability to carry you from laughter to tears in the same breath. Her versatile voice seamlessly slips from a silky smooth baritone to raunchy blues mama with a delicate soprano thrown in for good measure. She'll belt a Callas and a Piaf and then destroy you with Billie Holliday!

And apart from her stupendous singing, she'll make you laugh. She reads poetry, tells stories and melds music with words in supreme expressiveness...

Terry's shows are very flexible, and are often tailored to the area or audience theatre or cabaret style.

Love Bites! premièred at Edinburgh 1998 and was awarded a Herald Angel. It played in Singapore and Toronto, at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, and on a limited UK tour. Slaps and Tickles shares the previous show's outlook and quality while stirring in a Celtic seam.

"Both as an actress and a singer she is really rather special, an artist whose work is to be savoured and treasured for the range, depth and sensitivity it reveals." (Edmonton Sun, Canada)

"Her brilliant timing challenging all comedians out in Fringeland" (The Herald)

"Terry Neason's voice swoops like a Stuka, has the range of a B52 and delivers with devastating force." (The Sunday Tribune, Dublin)

"She's funny and powerful, young and old, tough and vulnerable; and her singing is dark and bright, taunting and tender, plaintive and radiant. I love her" (Financial Times)

"She has an enormously powerful voice, but one which can also be seductively soft. It grabs and engulfs you. You can't escape. You don't want to." (Time Out)

"She is fantastically talented, her voice is rich, versatile, huge, raw and quiveringly beautiful" (The Scotsman)

"Neason's cabaret performance is sassy, theatrical, big-voiced and big-hearted... Her vocal range and versatility is astounding" (The Scotsman)

"She croons them, she caresses them, she belts them. She puts her voice at the service of your most private feelings and she turns the heart around." (The Herald)

"Stunning star is pure poetry in motion" (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Neason is a treasure, she has the voice of an angel and a low range that will leave you awestruck. Versatile doesn't seem to say enough." (The Journal, Canada)