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Nick Salamone & Elizabeth O'Connell in Red Hat & Tales
  • Written by Nick Salamone
  • Performed by Nick Salamone & Elizabeth O'Connell
  • Directed by John Lawrence Rivera
  • European Premiere - Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh 2003
  • Nominated: The Stage, Best Actor (Nick Salamone) Edinburgh 2003

to witness the workings of a claustrophobic marriage between two contemporary bisexuals. It tells the story of a man and a woman trapped by their own pasts; He, an erstwhile writer of greeting cards and she, an ex-stripper, now a television executive. After the man's identical twin dies of AIDS he gradually withdraws from his wife and society to live in the bottom of his hall closet.
His only communication with the outside world is through postcards that he writes to his family about long ago events of which he cannot quite let go. His wife gets drawn into her husbands closet as unresolved events from her own youth begin to surface.
The play examines how we can let ourselves be haunted by the past at the expense of the present and how sometimes with a little nudge we can slip free of the ghosts and into the future.

"The interaction, bizarrely but effectively portrayed through seperate monologues, is simultanelously brilliantly funny and incredibly moving. Playwright Nick salamone won a Fringe First for his his 2001 musical, Moscow and deserves to pick up another for his creation and depiction of Paul, but only if he shares it with Elizabeth O'Connell who is equally enthralling as Shiela. Sparky, claustrophobic and darlky dazzling, this is a must-see play about two people attempting to bring their true selves out of the closet." (Mickey Noonan - Metro Scotland, 11/08/03)

"This is a love story that has you willing these two odd balls to break down the barriers, and by the time they finally hug each other, you want to cry with joy.." (Jeremy Hodges - Daily Mail, 07/08/03)

"Poetic and grotesque, disturbing and absurd, and very, very moving." (LA Nightlife Magazine)

"Salamone's writing is unique and intensely personal" (Backstage West LA)

"Red Hat & Tales, is Nick Salamone's latest adventure in absurdist theatre, a Samuel Beckett-inspired update for the 90's" (Frontiers Magazine LA)

"A whimsically surreal and disturbing funny absurdist comedy." (LA Times)