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To: Hollywood Screams
  • WPresented by Theatre Tours International
  • Written and performed by Michael Roberts
  • Directed by Guy Masterson
  • World Premiere: Assembly Rooms - Edinburgh 1998

Michael Roberts is a master actor/impersonator with an encyclopaedic knowledge of movies - especially the bad ones - and of moviedom. In this extraordinary performance, Roberts recreates an entire golden age of Hollywood greats including uncanny impersonations of Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Clark Gable, Groucho Marx, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Laurel & Hardy, James Cagney, Abbott & Costello, John Gielgud, Woody Allen, Jack Lemmon, Marlon Brando, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Richard Burton... and Gloria Swanson's Mother!

Hollywood and all its foibles are mercilessly dissected with intelligence and humour as the funniest moments of cinematic fact and fiction are recreated from screen to stage. Expert insight is offered one moment and anorakish trivia the next, celebrating all the foolish things that people do in the name of entertainment.

"Wildly camp, hugely cheesy and lovingly researched, this is B movie heaven for all you incurable Hollywood nostalgists." (Daily Express)

"Cinephiles will be dribbling with delight! An astonishing introduction to the lost world of appalling films, gimmicks, hammy acting and creaky dialogue!" (The Scotsman)

"Roberts effortlessly conjures legend after legend." (The Stage)

"Michael Roberts' one-man romp round La-La Land's humour gland is a sheer technicolor delight." (The Herald)

"the Rory Bremner of celluloid" (The Scotsman)

"Roberts is a raconteur and mimic par excellence! An absolute must for movie buffs and lovers of the bizarre." (The List)