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To: Every Grain of Sand

Barb Jungr took her favourite Bob Dylan songs and put them through her blender. What came out was a beautiful concoction that tasted better than you could have dreamed!

Jungr treats Dylan's songs as chansons, and her style reveals that he's up there with the best - Brel, Prévert, Ferré - a songwriter of extraordinary poetry and passion. Each song created its own world, had its own drama; Barb unfolded each with devastating technique.

Opening with a caressingly sexy interpretation of I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Barb took us from 1960's classics like I Want You to Dylan's most recent album release Love and Theft with the soulful ballad Sugar Baby. She focused on Dylan's lyrics and melodies, drawing attention to the deepest core of the songs. And what treasures are there... As Barb says, "I sing only the best, Brel, Dylan - it spoils you."

Barb's collaborators on Every Grain of Sand were some of London's finest; James Tomalin, Simon Wallace and Russell Churney who have worked closely with Barb to create a chamber jazz sound that is elegant but edgy, passionate but never obtrusive.

Every Grain of Sand was Barb's highly personal selection of songs from Dylan's 44 albums. Choosing 15 songs from this vast repertoire was no easy task. Barb said "but these are the songs that just wouldn't let go" - songs of love and spiritual longing, beautifully crafted and profoundly moving.

"Jungr's sensual performance casts these songs in a new light. Immaculate!" (The Times)

"Shockingly expressive, with an astonishing palette of colours... Jungr repeatedly reawakens detailed emotions lying dormant in lyrics... hope that Dylan has a listen and starts writing for her direct." (The Observer)

"glamorous and crazed... an outstanding cabarettist" (The Daily Telegraph)

"A singer of immense range, power and emotional rapport... she is quite unlike any other singer I can recall... vocally she is unique" (What's On In London)

"gives the sexiest and most emotionally- charged musical performance in Edinburgh this year" (Institute of Ideas)

"an artistic tour de force" (Boz Magazine)