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To: Filler Up!
  • Performed by Deb Filler
  • Co-written by Deb Filler and Lowry Marshall
  • European première: Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh Fringe 2002

As Deb Filler bakes a loaf of golden challah bread to her father's cherished recipe on stage, she fills us in, with equally warm wit, on her complicated relationships with food and family in a skinny society. The delicious aroma of this traditional, sacred bread will waft out into the Assembly Rooms foyer and entice audiences into sharing the funny and life-affirming experience that is FILLER UP! - they even get to take the recipe away in the programme!

Born in New Zealand into a family of bakers weighing "six and a half loaves and a Chelsea bun", Deb was caught between her Holocaust survivor father who hated waste, and her fanatically fad-dieting mother. Her move to the US did nothing to help her battle with the bulge, as she tried to reconcile her reverence for good food and the need to find success in the body-obsessed entertainment industry (first role: Pudgy Earthquake Victim).

Filler Up!! is a truly hilarious, piping hot tale of coming to terms with food and feelings that keep us down and fill us up, eating and overeating, living and over-living. Deb Filler brings her whole colourful extended family to life, from laconic Long Island Aunt Vippy, to loving but unhelpful mother (spending all morning in the supermarket planning meals then going on the Scarsdale Diet), to the black radical activist girlfriend rapping how much she loves her ass just the way it is. Most of all, she introduces us to her beloved, dignified dad who, having suffered the unimaginable, baked bread after the liberation of the camps with his former captors to save them all from starving.

Deb Filler has been described as 'Tracey Ullman meets Jackie Mason', and is best known for her previous one-woman show Punch Me In the Stomach!

"Part confessional, part musical cabaret... .a funny and thoughtful celebration... ..and it's almost certainly the only Fringe show serving freshly-baked challah bread."(Andrew Burnett - The Sunday Herald, 11/08/02)

"Deb Filler's story is told with passion, humour and great understanding of the 'skinny culture' while she bakes a delicious loaf of her father's challah bread... . Go on, take a bite." (Jane Hamilton - The List, 15/08/02)

"Deb Filler unfolds her delightful tale, she bakes a loaf of bread to her grandmother's recipe... ..This is a moving portrait of a woman leaving behind the self-consciousness accrued after a lifetime of not fitting into clothes or a skinnier world... ..mixing storytelling with song, Filler's warm, riotous personality and talent simply overflow from the Assembly's Wildman Room." (James Mullighan - The Scotsman, 20/08/02)

Other Reviews:

"Extraordinary work, an extraordinary story-teller... we laugh, we weep." (Village Voice - NYC)

"Magnificent... hilarious... to miss her would be madness!" (NZ Herald)

"A delicious ragout... a highly entertaining story about food, cooking, failed diets and family!" (NZ Evening Post)