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To: I Kissed Dash Riprock
  • Written & performed by Cyndi Freeman
  • Co-written & directed by Ellen Groves

"Hollywood CA, and just to my left, just inches away, is international celebrity and eligible bachelor DASH RIPROCK!!! He's the star, I am a featured extra, yeah I'm way out of my league. But here we are... alone... in his suite in the Hilton; champagne, lights dim, sultry fire blazing... wow! For all this he must have, oh, called room service or something..."

From the team that brought the critically acclaimed Greetings from Hollywood to the stage, the gorgeous Cyndi Freeman returned from the US with an epic, hot-blooded tale of love, obsession and angst, chronicling the lives of the very real people who are artists - those who live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and those who wait on tables and hand out leaflets while dressed as a giant milk carton.

Follow our lovesick heroine as she travels the globe and romances the stars, chasing her heart over the rainbow and through the looking glass, into a land of luxury hotel suites, multi-million dollar mansions, chauffeurs, champagne, bodyguards, private clubs, paparazzi, psycho fans with unauthorised web-pages, and intergalactic space warriors!

I KISSED DASH RIPROCK!!! is a sexy, hysterical, (highly personal) account of one starlet's travelogue with the stars.

"Cyndi Freeman is a smart cookie with a big heart. She co-authored (with director Ellen Groves) this funny, touching semi-autobiographical monologue about a celebrity crush versus true but elusive love... A sharply-observed script yields a warm show with a wonderful central performance. If you live your life in a cross between panic and thrills, see this." (Donald Hutera, The List 17/08/00)

"Writer, actress and stand-up comedienne Cyndi Freeman has created what must be one of the most energetic performances on the Fringe... Using her comic timing to maximum effect, Freeman dashes around the stage - with all the gusto of anyone who could possibly live in LA - in a whirlwind of descriptive storytelling, whisking us on worldwide (mis)adventures." (Cameron Robertson, The Stage 17/08/00)

"She's a nice Jewish girl from Boston, she's hilariously funny, very talented, and just makes you wish you were her best friend, Dot, whom she phones up all the time. Suddenly the no man's land between stand-up comedy and theatre is no longer a cold, forbidding place but Cyndi Freeman's confessional where you laugh your head off and can't wait to hear more...The result is an animated, funny, and entertaining account of Freeman's evolution as a person and as an artist... What's more, she manages four costume changes ina one-hour show - what a girl!" (Stephanie Noblett, The Herald 15/08/00)

"Packed choc-full with the sort of observational humour and delicious wit that renders resistance useless... Freeman's effervescence fashions a thoroughly enjoyable show. Glamorous, zestful and enormous fun, there are also moments of unexpected poignancy that lend it a deeper appeal than a superficial glance might indicate." (Amanda Hodges, Evening News 15/08/00)

"Insight and self-delusion are carefully mingled and the direction is flawless... This is the theatrical equivalent of a night in with a tub of chocolate chip ice-cream and a Friends video boxette - but thankfully with a generous extra helping of wit, neurosis and self-parody." (Amanda Polanska-Dale, Three Weeks 13/08/00)

"This is unashamedly a comedy - Friends fans would love it - but it does have its poignant moments. Our heroine is a Hollywood wannabe who...won't be seduced into having a one-night stand with the star... At each stage she responds with the peculiarly American squealing and screaming and adding numerous exclamation marks to everything... very funny" (Peter Lathan, ABOUT.COM)

"Our girl may be ditzy but she's certainly not dumb... the onion of celebrity, romance and disappointment is peeled with satirical precision that never fails to hit the mark. Vulnerable one minute, ball-breakingly bitchy and defiant the next, Freeman's creation makes Ally McBeal look like the dithering putz that she is." (Alan Chadwick, Metro 09/08/00)

"Cyndi Freeman's performance is of the women-in-Friends school: sassy, kooky, skinny, shiny-haired. She has a 14-year-old Juliet part of her subconscious guiding towards romance, but also a 90-year-old part telling her to get out and have fun. That voice would recommend this heartily." (Elizabeth Mahoney, The Guardian 08/08/00)

"Sex, fame and rumour make a potent combination in Cyndi Freeman's one-woman show. It's a confessional show, but the script's intelligence and perceptiveness sets it apart from the Bridget Jones bandwagon... she knows how to share everything and show us a good time - which, when it comes down to it, is the same thing." (Zoe Green, Independent 07/08/00)

"Freeman wins us over ... we are engaged completely in Freeman's success in life and failure in love, and vice versa ... marvellous" (BostonHerald.Com)

"yes, yes, yes ... Freeman is fearless in RIPROCK ... an impresive actress who isn't afraid to be sexy on stage. ... The fast pace and focused performance ... make this an entertaining and moving monologue" (Boston Globe)

"Trippy, dippy and hysterical ... expertly performed bits of wit and wackiness ... sharp humour and antic energy tops Freeman's 1998 GREETINGS FROM HOLLYWOOD ... Spunky, hip and saucy." (Boston Phoenix)

"Freeman has impeccable comic timing and hilarious insight - a romantic romp!" (Boston Herald)

"A wry commentator... a graceful, striking performer who weaves a tale and mixes cynical and romantic notions with real skill ... a talent worth watching" (Bay WIndows, Boston)