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Presented in association with Theatreshare (Cuckoo) Ltd
Nica Burns, Ian Lenagan & Max Weitzenhoffer
Play by Dale Wasserman
Book by Ken Kesey
Production conceived and originally directed by Guy Masterson
Designer: Katy Tuxford
Costumes: Dagmar Morell

CAST: Tim Ahern, Stephen K Amos, Ian Coppinger,
Mackenzie Crook, Felix Dexter, Katherine Jakeways,
Dave Johns, Owen O'Neill, Phil Nichol, Lucy Porter,
Gavin Robertson, Lizzie Roper & Christian Slater

August 6 - 30 (not 16th)

GEILGUD THEATRE, West End. September - December 2004

STATEMENT BY GUY MASTERSON: 24/07/04) "It is with great regret that I am unable to complete the task of directing this superb production. Due to an untimely amalgamation of unprecedented stresses, personal and professional, I am physically and emotionally unable to continue in my role of director on this show. Having worked over seven months in preparation and assembled a cast of unparalleled talent and energy, my decision to withdraw has not been taken lightly but still leaves me bereaved.

The show was two and a half weeks into rehearsals and in very good shape. The actors were all very familiar with their characters. Therefore I am confident that the timing of my withdrawal was just right: A week earlier, and the structure of the show might not have withstood such an event; a week later and there may not have been enough time for my replacement to make any necessary adjustments and familiarise with the technical requirements of the show in time for the Edinburgh opening on August 6th. Once I realised that I was physically incapable of completing my task, it became paramount to ensure that "the show must go on".

I wish the production and its protagonists great success both in Edinburgh and London. I must now take some time to rest and recouperate, spend some quality time with my family, and I intend to do just that. I can confirm that I will be in Edinburgh for the single performance of my solo Animal Farm on August 16th and look forward to catching up with many friends and shows during my brief stay."


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