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GUY MASTERSON - Audition Coaching & Actor Training

Guy Masterson 2015 (Image credit: Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni))Guy Masterson is an Olivier Award winning producer, actor, director and writer. An entertainer for 34 years, he has worked on over 150 shows. He is one of the most highly awarded independent presenters at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over 26 seasons since 1994. As a theatre director, he is responsible for several of its biggest ever hits. As an actor, he has worked on over 50 plays, several TV series and Commercials. He is also a voice artiste and a globally renowned fo solo performer, a succesful director of corporate events, a playwright, dramaturg and acting, voice and corporate coach. (see Full Biography for further details)

Having worked as a professional actor for over 35 years and having auditioned hundreds of times with significant success, Masterson has developed techniques that can help actors to raise their chances of getting the role for theatre, film, tv and commercials. He coaches professionals to up their game and to develop on-camera presence and stillness.

He also coaches aspiring actors for drama school entry from selection of audition speeches to delivery.


Auditioning for drama school is a nerve-wracking process. It is not just about learning a few speeches and then expecting your talent to do the rest...

The key is to make an immediate impact without appearing either fearful or overconfident. To deliver your audition speeches in different styles and to be able to make 'adjustments' to your performance if and as requested. To be ready for the questions that will come your way and to know the questions that you should be asking them.

I can assist from the selection of appropriate monologues for the actor/actress, through development of context and delivery all the way to personal attendance at the audition if required. I can also advise as to the most appropriate schools to apply to and how to prepare for each audition process. Guy Masterson

1) Picking the Monologue:
Selecting appropriate monologues ideal for getting into drama school.
2) Coaching for Audition:
Contextualisation of monologue, disection of character and text, staging and delivery. Making the strongest impact.

VENUE: Guy Masterson will work with you at a venue of your choice OR you may travel to him

TERMS: Please email Guy Masterson for rates or call 07979 757490

  • Initial telphone or 1/2 hour face-to-face consultation takes place at Guy Masterson's office.
  • New Clients are offered the consultation free if the programme is taken up.
  • A programme suitable for your needs will be agreed - Usually between 2 - 6 1 hour sessions.
  • Once agreed, the programme is billed in two stages. 50% up front and 50% at completion.
  • Additional sessions can be added at the same contracted rate.
  • Cancellations are fully billable or may be rearranged at 1.5 x the contracted rate.

ACTING COACHING: Auditioning, Performance & Presence (professionals)

Guy Masterson offers one-on-one training for professional actors wishing to develop techniques for auditioning for theatre, tv, film & commercials as well as general development, presence building, on-camera technique.

With 30 years experience in the biz working on countless productions in all mediums and having trained at UCLA and LAMDA, I am well versed in the many techniques actors use to get to where they need to go.

I can pinpoint an actor's strengths and weakness and apply techniques that will strengthen them, give them confidence and develop presence. I can help eliminate ticks and develop techniques that will give an actor an edge. Most importantly, I can freshen an actor's approach to both auditioning, rehearsing and on-camera work.

Over the years, I have developed an original philosophy of acting and an approach to performance that can eliminate the obstacles that cloud an actor's effectiveness and reduce presence. My approach is to give the actor a surefire method of finding the 'truth and moment' in their work by reaching into their empathetic core and eliminating all unnecessary thought and over-complication, thereby releasing clarity, honesty and power - an irresistable combination.

1) Auditioning:
Interpretation of script, character & movement. Determining what the casting director looking for. How can you make an honest impact?

2) Development:
One-to-one training with an actor to establish techniques in use, additional techniques to add, ticks to eliminate and to develop confidence and presence.

2) Philosophy:
One-to-one coaching in my philosophy of acting, developed over 30 years and over 3000 solo performances.

VENUE: Guy Masterson will work with you at a venue of your choice OR you may travel to him.

TERMS: Please email Guy Masterson for rates or call 07979 757490

  • Initial free 1 hour consultation takes place at Guy Masterson's office.
  • If the idea is taken up, a programme suitable for your needs will be agreed between 2 and 10 sessions.
  • Fees are billed by the session (minimum 2 sessions).
  • Once contracted, cancellations are fully billable or may be rearranged at 1.5 x the contracted rate.