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WORLD PREMIÈRE: The Lyric Studio, Belfast, 2013
Edinburgh 2014
British Invasion: Kansas City 2015
Domestic & International touring 2015-present.

Domestic & International touring through 2017

Nuala McKeever (Image: Neil Harrison)
Theatre Tours International presents


written & performed by Nuala McKeever
directed by Andrea Montgomery

Life hasn't turned out the way Margaret dreamed. Lonely as hell in a house that won't sell, no hubby, no kids and a deathly boring job. So tonight, she's got a playdate with a bottle of rosé and bowl of pink pills...
But her romance with suicide is rudely interrupted by an intruder, a snoop and a policeman... Nuala McKeever, Belfast's 'Queen of Comedy', delivers a poignant, hilarious, disastrous cocktail that's to die for about the resilience of the human heart in the face of well, just about everything that can go wrong in our crazy modern lives.
"This is a play for everyone. By all means, climb in the window. Or more conventionally, walk in through the door and up the aisle. Even drill your way through the floorboards if you have to. However you get there, you must see this show!" (Broadway Baby)
"Poignancy and sharp one-liners enliven even the darkest of comedies!" (Belfast Telegraph 2014)


If you think a play about the suicide attempt of a woman of a certain age appeals only to a very particular demographic familiar with a very particular mental state, think again.
Any play as beautifully crafted as In The Window and performed by an actor of Nuala McKeever's calibre will grab even the most reticent punter and drag them in. They won't be kicking and screaming, I can tell you.
Margaret is lonely. Lonely as hell. She's the nightmare none of us want to become. The nightmare every young woman fears becoming: no man, no kids, stuck in a job she hates and a house she can't sell. And there's no prospect whatsoever of any of that changing. No-one ever rings Margaret's doorbell. Certainly not the gent in the tweed jacket she always imagined would one day simply appear out of the ether.
Not, that is, until the moment she's been working herself up to. Not until she's about to chase that bottle of budget Rosé with a bucket-load of pills. And that's where it all kicks off. What follows is a hilarious farce involving an intruder, a snoop and a policeman.
McKeever has more energy than should be legally allowed. A sole performer holding an audience spellbound for 70 minutes is a big enough ask, but her characterisations of the diverse interlopers in this totally captivating play demonstrate just why McKeever came to have her own show on Ulster Television. She sure has earned the title of Belfast's 'Queen of Comedy'. The fact that's she's also the playwright really does make this a doubly remarkably piece of theatre. Watching the audience in the moments when I was able to drag my eyes away from the tragic Margaret, one man was so utterly absorbed that he mouthed the words after her, finding his own contortionist expressions to complement McKeever's. That alone was worth coming for.
But there's much more. Andrea Montgomery's tight direction keeps the pace moving with perfection - just enough time to sit with those sometimes gut-wrenching moments of pathos, swift enough to keep the action moving, and the transitions between the two timed to perfection.
This is a play for everyone. By all means, climb in the window. Or more conventionally, walk in through the door and up the aisle. Even drill your way through the floorboards if you have to. However you get there, you must see this show. (Sue Bevan - Broadway Baby 04/08/14)

Nuala McKeever

Nuala McKeever - Writer & Performer
Nuala first came to public attention playing Emer in the Award winning BBC comedy Give My Head Peace, followed by writing and starring in her own show, McKeever on UTV. As well as writing a weekly column in the Belfast Telegraph, Nuala is also a regular contributor to TV and radio programmes. She starred as Mrs Lovett in the N.I. premier of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, appeared in Christmas Eve Can Kill You and Carol's Christmas. Other theatre credits include Out Of the Box, which premiered at Belfast Festival and toured across Ireland. She recently performed her own new solo play, The Window, at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

Andrea Montgomery - Director
A Canadian writer and director who has created more than 40 projects, including five one person shows, across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Born in Delhi, she grew up in Bangkok, Ottawa, Geneva, Jakarta and London.
Andrea was Chief Executive of the Palace Theatre, Westcliff, before moving to Northern Ireland in 2002 as the Artistic Director of the Riverside Theatre. She is currently Artistic Director of Terra Nova Productions, Northern Ireland's first inter-cultural theatre company. Working with international colleagues she has created a range of productions in Hong Kong, Macau, London and Northern Ireland. Her most recent project for Terra Nova was Arrivals which saw her commission short five intercultural plays, which she directed in February 2014.
Andrea also writes and her most recent play, the bilingual English and Cantonese piece, All At Once I Saw A Crowd, (set in Greenland, Hong Kong and Belfast) was shortlisted for the Nick Darke Award 2012 and long listed for the Bruntwood Award in 2013. She was funded to develop Crowd at Gateway Theatre in Vancouver and at the National Theatre of Greenland in 2013.
Andrea regularly free-lances. She wrote and directed Eternally Scrooged for Theatre at the Mill Christmas 2013, and directed Dirty Dancin' At Le Shebeen which had the best advances in the history of the Belfast Grand Opera House, in April 2014.
Andrea is an experienced comedy writer and director. She has worked with Nuala McKeever on ten separate projects, including one-woman shows, comedy reviews, a project for BBC comedy, several comedy Christmas projects and the hits how Ulster Kama Sutra puppet project.

I got the idea for the play when I was getting into bed one freezing January night a couple of years back. I was putting on socks because it was so cold and my heating was rubbish. Feeling a little low (January, tax bill looming, dark days and dark nights etc etc) a line popped into my head, "God, I'd almost welcome a burglar, just for the company!" Immediately of course I said, "I don't mean it!" and rushed downstairs to bolt the front door. But I wrote the line in my wee notebook on the bedside table. And it got me thinking, "What would you do, if you were about to end it all and someone broke in? Would you just say, "Here, don't be bothering attacking me, I'm going to finish myself off anyway, no point having that on your record. Help yourself and close the door on the way out"? Extreme situations call up behaviour and reactions we might not expect. Also, I had been working with a group of young men in Belfast and one of them disappeared. He was later found. He'd killed himself. I wanted to express something about the upsurge in suicides among young men and the need we all have to belong somewhere, to be wanted.
Last year, my partner Mike Moloney died suddenly. He was so supportive of this play when I debuted it a few months before his death. I'd like to dedicate the Edinburgh show to him, with love. (Nuala McKeever)

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Nuala McKeever (Image: Neil Harrison)
Nuala McKeever (Image: Neil Harrison)
Nuala McKeever (Image: Neil Harrison)
Nuala McKeever (Image: Neil Harrison)
Nuala McKeever (Image: Neil Harrison)
Nuala McKeever (Image: Neil Harrison)